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Evil Kongs

Evil Kongs is an exciting brand that has broken into the world of NFTs with a unique and lust-worthy approach. Designing NFTs with a dark twist, Evil Kongs has captured the attention of the crypto community and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Evil Kongs are NFTs that are created and issued on blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Polygon and Arbitrum, using the ERC-721A standard. This means that each Evil Kong is unique and cannot be replicated or duplicated. Being NFTs, these digital tokens have inherent value and can be exchanged on NFT markets.

What distinguishes Evil Kongs from other NFTs is their unique style and theme. Each collection is designed with a dark or lustful aesthetic, offering a completely different visual experience than other NFT projects. Evil Kongs' designs are creative and often defy traditional standards, making them an exciting and provocative choice for NFT collectors.

In addition to their distinctive appearance, Evil Kongs also excel in offering practical utilities and features. Owners of Evil Kongs have access to various perks and rewards within the Evil Kong ecosystem. These utilities may include exclusive access to events, participation in rewards programs, and opportunities to interact with other Evil Kong owners.

Evil Kongs have chosen to take advantage of popular blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Polygon and Arbitrum. By using the ERC-721A standard, Evil Kongs are compatible with these ecosystems and can be securely traded and transferred across multiple platforms and marketplaces.

About Team

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Evil Team

The team behind Evil Kongs NFTs is a group of NFT enthusiasts and a designer addicted to digital drawing who came together to create a one-of-a-kind project. With a shared passion for cryptocurrencies and digital creativity, this team has been hard at work for almost a year to develop and perfect the Evil Kongs concept.

The team's designer is a digital drawing expert who has channeled his creativity and artistic vision into creating the unique and disruptive designs that characterize Evil Kongs. His distinctive and provocative style has been instrumental in establishing the brand's visual identity.

In addition to the designer, the team consists of NFT enthusiasts who have been involved in the crypto ecosystem for a long time. These individuals have a deep knowledge and understanding of blockchain technologies and decentralized networks. They have worked tirelessly to develop and improve the Evil Kongs ecosystem, ensuring that it is ready to run on various blockchain networks.

Over time, the Evil Kongs team has demonstrated their commitment and dedication to moving the project forward. They have been active in the crypto community, participating in events and establishing strategic partnerships to promote and expand Evil Kongs' presence.

The team has big plans for the future of Evil Kongs. They have expressed their intention to expand to different blockchain networks, such as Ethereum, Polygon and Arbitrum, which will allow Evil Kongs owners to enjoy the benefits of these platforms and further increase the value of the tokens.


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Evil Kongs NFTs ecosystem stands out for its focus on community and providing solid support to its holders. From the beginning, Evil Kongs has recognized the importance of building a loyal and engaged fan base, and they have worked diligently to involve their community in all stages of the project.

One of the ways Evil Kongs encourages community involvement is through collaborations and partnerships with prominent figures on the web3. These collaborations not only help increase Evil Kongs' visibility, but also provide the community with exciting opportunities to interact with industry experts and leaders. These partnerships can also provide exclusive benefits and additional rewards for Evil Kongs holders.

In addition to partnerships, Evil Kongs allow their NFTs to be traded on any NFT marketplace. This means that holders of Evil Kongs have the freedom to buy, sell and trade their tokens on a wide variety of platforms. This flexibility and accessibility increase the liquidity of Evil Kongs and give holders greater freedom to manage their investments.

The Evil Kongs ecosystem is also characterized by the constant support and attention they provide to their holders. Through communication channels, such as social networks, chat groups and forums, the Evil Kongs team makes sure to be available to answer questions, provide updates and resolve any issues that NFT holders may have.

In addition, Evil Kongs strives to offer benefits and rewards to its community. This may include exclusive access to events, rewards programs and potential opportunities to participate in decision making within the Evil Kongs ecosystem. By engaging the community in this way, Evil Kongs creates a sense of belonging and encourages active participation from its NFT holders.


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ERC-721A Technology

Evil Kongs collections are a series of NFTs that are available on the Ethereum, Arbitrum and Polygon networks. These collections are based on the ERC-721A blockchain standard, which gives them unique characteristics and allows them to operate securely and efficiently on these networks.

Each collection of Evil Kongs consists of a set of individual NFTs, each representing a unique and distinctive Kong. These NFTs are digital tokens that are stored on the blockchain and contain unique information about each Kong, such as its design, attributes and owner.

On the Ethereum, Arbitrum and Polygon networks, Evil Kongs NFTs are created and issued using the ERC-721A standard. This standard allows each NFT to be unique and non-fungible, meaning it cannot be replicated or duplicated. In addition, Evil Kongs' NFTs can be securely and verifiably transferred between owners in these networks.

The operation of Evil Kongs' NFTs as ERC-721A means that each one has a unique identifier on the blockchain, which guarantees its authenticity and uniqueness. This allows holders of NFTs to prove ownership and authenticity of their specific Kong, which increases their value and gives them exclusive rights and benefits within the Evil Kongs ecosystem.

As NFTs, Evil Kongs can be traded and traded on any NFT market that supports the ERC-721A standard. Owners can sell their NFTs, participate in auctions, exchange them for other tokens or even use them as collateral on DeFi platforms. This provides flexibility and opportunities for holders of Evil Kongs to manage and profit from their investments.


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ERC-721A Technology

Evil Kongs NFT marketplace aims to transform the space for the transfer of works and ideas into an inclusive and cross-disciplinary marketplace. It aims to provide opportunities for artists, whether novice or experienced, regardless of their previous experience in technology or cryptocurrencies.

In the Evil Kongs marketplace, an artistic curatorial approach is promoted, in which experts from the art world play a key role. These experts collaborate in the search for and discovery of new talent, as well as in the promotion of established artists. This creates an environment in which creative diversity is valued and encouraged.

Evil Kongs seeks to be a space where artists can showcase their work and find a global audience. By allowing artists of all levels to participate in the marketplace, it fosters inclusivity and provides the opportunity to be recognized in the NFTs arena.

In addition to providing a platform for artists, Evil Kongs marketplace is also a place where collectors can discover and acquire unique works. Evil Kongs NFTs become pieces of digital art that can be appreciated and owned, which in turn allows artists to gain recognition and reward for their work.


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Evil Kongs, a renowned NFT brand, goes beyond the realm of collectible art by offering a range of utilities within their NFT collections. Innovative utilities that accompany Evil Kongs' collections, enhancing the value and engagement for collectors while creating a dynamic ecosystem.

Utility 1: Access to Exclusive Events and Experiences
Owning an Evil Kongs NFT grants you exclusive access to a variety of events and experiences. Whether it's virtual exhibitions, live art showcases, or VIP gatherings, Evil Kongs creates a vibrant community where collectors can come together, celebrate their shared passion, and engage in unique experiences. These exclusive events provide an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, discover new artists, and immerse oneself in the world of Evil Kongs.

Utility 2: Governance and Decision-Making Power
Evil Kongs NFT holders are given the power to participate in the governance and decision-making processes of the platform. Through decentralized governance mechanisms, collectors can influence the direction, policies, and initiatives undertaken by Evil Kongs. This utility empowers the community, fostering a sense of ownership and collaboration, and ensures that the platform evolves in a manner that aligns with the desires and preferences of its holders.

Utility 3: Access to Limited Edition Merchandise and Physical Rewards
As a token of appreciation for their support, Evil Kongs NFT holders gain access to limited edition merchandise and physical rewards. These rewards may include exclusive apparel, artwork, or other tangible items that showcase the unique designs and themes associated with Evil Kongs collections. By extending the NFT experience into the physical realm, Evil Kongs further enhances the value and engagement for collectors, creating a multi-dimensional connection to the brand.

Utility 4: Integration with Gaming and Metaverse Experiences
Evil Kongs collections are designed to seamlessly integrate with gaming and metaverse experiences. NFT holders may gain special access to exclusive areas. By bridging the gap between digital art and immersive environments, Evil Kongs offers a dynamic and interactive dimension to their NFTs, allowing collectors to engage with their favorite characters and explore virtual realms in new and exciting ways.

Utility 5: Future Collaborations and Partnerships
Evil Kongs actively seeks collaborations and partnerships with prominent artists, brands, and platforms in the NFT space. These collaborations open doors to unique opportunities for NFT holders, such as joint releases, cross-platform promotions, and access to additional utilities or rewards. By continually expanding their network and forging meaningful partnerships, Evil Kongs ensures that their collectors benefit from an ever-growing range of utilities and opportunities.

Evil Membership

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Arbitrum Benefits

The EVIL (Evolutionary Virtual Intelligence League) membership is an exclusive program that offers unique benefits and privileges to its members. Each membership is tied to a specific wallet and is issued as a unique ERC-721 NFT, ensuring the authenticity and uniqueness of each participant in the community.

Every EVIL member has the ability to make the most of their membership by accessing special benefits. One of the main benefits is the ability to mint any active or upcoming collection on the Arbitrum network for free. This means that members can acquire up to 5 NFTs from each collection at no cost. This advantage is particularly valuable as it allows members to gain early and privileged access to new collections without worrying about associated expenses.

The EVIL membership never expires, which means that the benefits and privileges remain active indefinitely. This implies that even when new collections are released in the future, EVIL members will still have the ability to mint them for free. This provides members with a constant edge and allows them to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and opportunities in the NFT world.

The unique aspect of the EVIL membership lies in its focus on exclusivity and the ability to leverage opportunities for free. With only one membership per wallet and each membership NFT having a unique ID, scarcity and individuality are guaranteed within the EVIL community. Members can enjoy the benefits of being part of a select community and have access to unique opportunities in the NFT space.

Discord Benefits

  • User priority -Exclusive Private Chat
  • Exclusive Private Giveaways
  • Matic Rewards 
  • NFT Rewards
  • Exclusive News 
  • Boost x3 on Express Giveaways
  • + x1.5 holding ARB Collections


Brandon Arellano (Bad Boy)

Brandon Arellano (Bad Boy)

Evil CEO - Founder
Architect Designer/CCM - ARTIST
Hackerman (HAKDAO)

Hackerman (HAKDAO)

Evil Partner - Associate
Netflix/Warner - ARTIST



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